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Online Giving

First Christian Church of Forest is using a third party to help with online contributions.  Mogiv is a great organization that helps churches with online giving.  If this is your first time using Mogiv, you will need to register with them by clicking the link below.  Please fill out all the information. 


Though we have selected Mogiv as our third party vendor, First Christian Church of Forest Park can not be responsible for any issues regarding your Mogiv account.  We will certainly do all we can to assist and answer any questions if any problems arise. Please use Mogiv as you would any other online financial transaction.  We always encourage giving by visiting the church at 1106 Main Street Forest Park, Ga, 30297 or by mail at P.O. Box 404 Forest Park, Ga, 30298.  Please do not send any correspondence to our physical address.  Please use the P.O.Box.  If you have any questions, contact us via email at

If you would like to give financially using Mogiv, please click the link below.


Thank you. Dated 1-12-2021 

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